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Business Coaching and Management Consulting Clients

  • Greg Hickman
    When it comes to streamlining systems to coordinating and bringing teams together to be on the same page, Terry does it all, saving the organization tremendous amounts of time and money.  I highly recommend his services if you’re looking to take your business to the next level. 
    Greg Hickman Founder at
  • Rhonda Procopio
    I have learned so much more in the past 2 months from Terry than I ever did trying to do it all on my own. He helped me go from 3 clients a month to 25 clients a month in just 12 weeks! This guy rocks!
    Rhonda Procopio Owner, Rapid Rover Training
  • Alison Stickrod
    Terry gave me tools to use to better organize my time, and determine what goals should take priority. I have seen a 25% increase in revenue compared the months prior to working with Terry, as well as a 15% increase in my established client base.
    Alison Stickrod Owner, Your Body Shoppe
  • Mike Blackman
    Through Terry’s coaching and guidance, we’ve done a complete turnaround! If you want to grow your business, and learn from someone who has been there, and really cares about you and your business, you should hire Terry… yesterday.
    Mike Blackman Lightwave Mobile

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